Friday, 17 April 2015

Why I love coconut oil as a beauty product - what can you do with it?

Coconut oil - what is it?

Its extracted from the kernel or meat of matured coconuts harvested from the coconut palm. Its edible and a great healthy option for regular oils BUT its also an amazing multi use beauty product!
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I use coconut oil for its moisturising values, its suitable for body and face.  Its takes the name 'oil' but is a thick consistency almost like wax but it melts on contact with your skin. This isn't going to create a really oily face and it hasn't caused spots for me (obviously every ones skin is different) I use it sometimes in place of a moisturiser or as a base before make up for a nice subtle glow and it helps the make up glide on. I recently got a tip from a friend to use it as a cleanser to remove make up so gave it a try and it took my make up off like vanish! Use a warm face cloth to remove.

I use it on dry patches on my body such as knees and elbows - I rub it in whilst watching TV or just chilling out and it makes it nice and supple. Also, good for feet! especially coming up to summer when its nearly time to get the flip flops out.


Self manicure anyone? Cuticle oil can be expensive especially from some of the leading brands so you can substitute this with coconut oil. Just rub into your cuticles and hands like you would an oil or hand cream.

The other day I covered my hair (dry) in coconut oil and left it for an hour or so. when I washed it out I shampooed it twice just to make sure all the product was out! I used shampoo and conditioner as normal - The softness it gave me was lovely. My next plan is to leave it on over night and then wash it out in the morning for an extra coconut masque!

I did spread a tiny bit through the ends of my hair when it was dried and straightened but in all honesty it did feel a little oily - maybe I got carried away?

I think it is all trial and error with most at home products like these and its just finding what works best for you. E.g. more for dry and frizzy hair as apposed to thin and limp hair......

You can find coconut oil specifically for hair or skin in Holland and Barrett or online but I got mine in the hair department at Superdrug for £2.29.Buy Superdrug Coconut Oil

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As I am completely obsessed with this product please share how you use your coconut oil or any tips and tricks?

Annie x

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